Alice Cooper, liverelease

av yngve

Unnamed"Raise The Dead – Live from Wacken."

Det er Morten Bakke og Bakke Consulting som tipser om denne utgivelsen, som kommer på UDR Music 16. desember.

Sakset: "With Alice Cooper, UDR Music - The Home Of Legends, has landed another great artist, extraordinary entertainer and rock legend. For the past five decades, the incredible career of the Godfather of Shock Rock has continued and no end seems in sight. Alice Cooper has shaped the landscape of Hard Rock and Heavy Metal like no other entertainer. His theatrical stage shows have had a lasting influence on bands and artists such as Kiss, Ozzy, Marilyn Manson, Rammstein and Slipknot  - just to name a few.  

Utgivelsen er under paraplyen Wacken Foundation, og vil da være del i å hjelpe nye og fremadstormende band til suksess.

"Raise the Dead - Live From Wacken is the first in a series of legendary Wacken performances to be released, which are to be directly related to the Wacken Foundation. The Wacken Foundation is a nonprofit organization, assisting young Hard Rock and Heavy Metal artists on their way to success. As UDR Music met with Alice about the project he was immediately enthusiastic and confirmed his participation – part of the profit will be donated directly to the Wacken Foundation."

Utgivelsen er limitert og vil kun være tilgjengelig rundt julesesongen.  Deluxeutgave inneholder "... Raise the Dead... on BluRay (Full HD) and 3 LPs pressed on heavy weight vinyl, 3 x 12” photocards, all in a collectors box. The running time of the BluRay is 88 minutes plus a 20 minute interview with Alice Cooper. 22 songs LIVE - a phenomenal stage show in 3 acts, with three completely different stage sets: 

  • Glam Rock - classic rock phase 
  • Welcome to my Nightmare - spectacular Shock Rock in an elaborate stage show 
  • Raise the Dead - Alice pays homage to the late Rock'n'Roll icons such as Keith Moon and Jim Morrison."

BluRay Tracklist (lp-ene innehlder et par-tre spor til):

  1.  Hello Hooray
  2.  House Of Fire
  3.  No More Mr. Nice Guy
  4.  Under My Wheels
  5.  I'll Bite Your Face Off
  6.  Billion Dollar Babies
  7.  Caffeine
  8.  Department Of Youth
  9.  Hey Stoopid
  10.  Dirty Diamonds
  11.  Welcome To My Nightmare
  12.  Go To Hell
  13.  He's Back 
  14.  Feed My Frankenstein
  15. Ballad Of Dwight Fry
  16.  Killer (Segment)/I Love The Dead
  17.  Covers Introduction/Break On Through
  18.  My Generation 
  19.  I'm Eighteen
  20.  Poison
  21.  School's Out