Anthrax, live-dvd, ny smakebit

av yngve

Nytt fra sist er låten 'In The End', presentert av trommeslager Charile:


Nyhet fa 25.09.14:

17. oktober slipper Nuclear Blast 'Chile On Hell', en live-dvd fra amerikanerne, som naturligvis ble spilt inn i....drumroll...Chile.


Konserten ble filmet 10. mai i fjor, og foreligger altså 17. oktober, her kan du sjekke ut låten Skeleton In The Closet:

Charlie Benante, bandets trommis, sier følgende. "Santiago was the perfect place to film the show for this, When we'd played there in the past, we'd finish our set, play our encore and go back to the dressing room. But every time, the fans would continue to scream and cheer and clap. I mean, they went on and on, they wouldn't stop. One time Scott Ian and I walked out to the side of the stage just to watch what was going on in the audience, it was intense. Why wouldn't we want to film a DVD in front of an audience like that?"

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