Avatarium, nytt album

av yngve

UnnamedVi må vente til oktober før svenskene slipper sitt kommende album. Om de utvikler seg i positiv retning fra der de er nå, kan vi fort snakke ett av årets beste album. 

'The Girl With The Raven Mask' dukker opp 23. oktober via Nuclear Blast, vi snakker digipack (med konsertopptak), vanlig cd og dobbel vinyl - og garantert digitale alternativer. 


Leif Edling er fornøyd med resultatet: "I yhink we have created something unique this time with Avatarium! The songs are more written to be just songs and there are some really nice moments on the record that I personally love... the straight forward title track, the beautiful January Sea, the riff in Ghostlight and the groove in Run Killer Run. The organ and the Rhodes piano are ridiculously loud in the mix at times, even Dr. Carl agrees hehe, but i think it gives even more edge to the songs! I hope people will dig The Girl With The Raven Mask as much as I do myself, and if they don't, it's their problem. A band can't deliver more than we have done here, so it is an album close to perfection! When an album is perfect...shoot me! :)".


  1. Girl With The Raven Mask
  2. The January Sea
  3. Pearls And Coffins
  4. Hypnotized
  5. Ghostlight
  6. Run Killer Run
  7. Iron Mule
  8. The Master Thief

Bonus dvd på digipacken:

Live @ Hammer Of Doom 2014

  1. Moonhorse
  2. Bird Of Prey
  3. All I Want
  4. Tides Of Telepathy
  5. Deep Well
  6. Pandora’s Egg
  7. Avatarium