Battle Beast med ny skive (video)

av yngve

Video fra det kommende albumet.

'Familiar Hell' er det siste visuelle slippet fra finnene. Bassist Eero forteller.

"Familiar Hell is probably our bravest adventure into hard rock territory thus far, displaying yet another side of the Bringer Of Pain album. The unholy alliance of the crunching riff and catchy chorus makes the song an obvious candidate for a single. For the video we did around 12 hours of shooting outside in late December, most of the time wearing nothing but our stage clothes. If that sounds cold or unpleasant to you, that's because it was. Luckily it didn't rain - a lot. For all the pains we suffered to make this video, we definitely hope you will enjoy it!"


Nyhet/video fra 15.12.16:


Nyhet fra 10.12.16:

Finnene er klare med smerte i februar.

Bringer Of Pain kommer i handel 17. februar, via Nuclear Blast. Skiva inneholder ti låter, og er det første hvor bandets nye gitarist Joona er med.  Singel, King For A Day, kommer snart, pluss flere detaljer.

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Bandbilde: fotograf - Ukjent

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