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av yngve

Unnamed (1)4. november er svenskene ute med sitt tredje album. Det melder Napalm Records nå idag. 'The Last Full Measure' er tittelen på skiva.

Bandet forklares heller pompøst av selskapet: "The quintet with former Sabaton-members present twin guitars, keyboard-fanfares and doublebass-marches. Full of honor they are flying the flag as high as possible. Astral Doors-singer Nils Patrik Johansson proves that his powerful voice was marked by destiny. It offers guts for more. It's the call of duty. 

Heaven can wait 'cause we have so many more battles to win, shouts the opening track Road To Victory. Their debut album The Killer Angels was purified with gold already - their triumph is inevitable. If you hear the bloodcurdling barking of the dogs from Civil War you will pray that you are not standing on the other side of the battlefield.

Nils Patrik Johannson: "After The Killer Angels and Gods & Generals, we are extremely proud and can´t wait to share the last part of the trilogy! This is our best work so far, at least this is what we think, but I´m sure you won´t be disappointed!"


  1. Road To Victory 
  2. Deliverance 
  3.  Savannah
  4.  Tombstone 
  5.  America 
  6.  A Tale That Never Should Be Told
  7.  Gangs Of New York 
  8.  Gladiator 
  9.  People Of The Abyss 
  10.  The Last Full Measure
  11.  Strike Hard Strike Sure (Bonus)
  12.  Aftermath (Bonus)

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