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Entombed, Clandestine

av yngve

Entombed Clandestine Live 2017Svenskene kom sammen for å framføre det klassiske albumet. Nå kan du dele opplevelsen hjemme i stua.

Bandet kjørte en todelt greie, en med symfoni og en uten. DU får utgivelsen som 2cd/dvd, med 5.1-lydspor, i tillegg til hardcover mediabok og poster.

HER kan du bestille.

" Clandestine is arguably one of the greatest death metal albums of all time! 25 years after the release original members Nicke Andersson , Uffe Cederlund and Alex Hellid teamed up for a unique concert where the pioneering work is played from beginning to end, from the opening Living Dead to closing Through The Collonades.

In the first act the full Malmö Symphony Orchestra and a choir performs Clandestine, arranged for orchestra by Thomas Von Wachenfeldt, with the original members from Entombed sitting in as part of the ensemble and with Orvar Säfström on vocals.

In the second act, the band for the very first time play the entire album live in the original version with the addition of Edvin Aftonfalk on bass guitar and Robert Andersson on lead vocals!"