Rage-album i juli

av yngve

Tyskerne er skiveklare på sensommeren.

Det er ikke voldsomt lenge siden forrige slipp kom, Nuclear blast poengterer at det kun dreier seg om fjorten måneder. Bandet, som nylig var innom Oslo og spilte konsert, stiller med fersk skive 28. juni, tittelen er 'Season Of The Black'.

Peavy: "Our fans are getting Rage metal of the very first grade. We've been able to bring the band's typical trademarks into eleven new songs, and we're sticking to the course that we forged on the last album! This means hard and very catchy compositions that also sound thrash, aggressive and epic."


Albumet teller 11 spor, hvor Peavy her forteller litt om tittelkuttet: "The song is very personal, it is about a failed life-long dream. Imagine being stamped to the ground and looking at the broken pieces of your existence. This sadly is a destiny that many people have to share. Most of the songs on the album include a very gloomy view of the world, so we thought Seasons Of The Black would be suitable for the entire album."

Rage Season Of The Black 2017

Bandfoto, fotograf: Ukjent

Rage 2017