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Soulfly med album neste år

av yngve

Soulfly 17Og visstnok er det likheter med Roots-albumet fra Sepultura.

Det er Nuclear Blast som tipser. 

Bandbilde, fotograf: Ukjent

Planen er å gå i studio i januar og å slippe en skive til sommeren, via Nuclear Blast. Skiva skal være en retur til tribal-greia på 'Roots'.

Max sier at det kommende albumet vil bli "...deeply tribal, very spiritual. There's a concept. I cannot tell you much about it, 'cause it's kind of a surprise. But there is a concept behind the record, and I have not done a record with a concept like this since Roots."


I et intervju med bladet Backstage Axxess, sier Cavalera følgende: "I'm actually writing right now. I'm collecting the riffs right now and getting the ideas. I'm excited, because I think the album will have a little bit of a return to some tribal sounds that I haven't done since Prophecy. So that'll be cool, to return to some of that.

And then the rest of the album will be a continuation of Archangel; a lot of people like Archangel. And, of course, I think that it will be also somehow influenced by Psychosis, 'cause Psychosis was such a cool record that I'm sure that somewhere in the Soulfly record we'll have the influence of that on top of it too. So it'll be a really cool record to work on."