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The Lurking Fear - svensk death metal

av yngve

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Det er Century Media som tipser og står bak slippet av 'Out Of The Voiceless Grave'.

Bilde, fotograf: Ukjent


  1. Out Of The Voiceless Grave
  2. Vortex Spawn 
  3. The Starving Gods Of Old 
  4. The Infernal Dread 
  5. With Death Engraved In Their Bones
  6. Upon Black Winds 
  7. Teeth Of The Dark Plains 
  8. The Cold Jaws Of Death 
  9. Tongued With Foul Flames 
  10. Winged Death 
  11. Tentacles Of Blackened Horror
  12. Beneath Menacing Sands 

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  • Tomas Lindberg (At The Gates/Disfear) - vokal
  • Jonas Stålhammar (God Macabre/Bombs Of Hades) –- gitar
  • Fredrik Wallenberg (Skitsystem) - gitar
  • Andreas Axelson (Disfear/Tormented) - bass
  • Adrian Erlandsson (At The Gates) - trommer

"Out Of The Voiceless Grave, which was recorded at Welfare Sounds (Bombus, RAM, Bombs Of Hades, etc.) in Gothenburg, Sweden, is available as special edition Digipak CD, Gatefold LP on 180gr. vinyl with a poster and as Digital Download. The album’s LP edition is available on classic black vinyl as well as on limited coloured runs as follows: Silver vinyl (200x copies CM Distro Europe), clear vinyl (200x copies, Sweden) and golden vinyl (300x copies CM USA)."