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Tytan og Holocaust, skiver

av yngve

Tytan med nytt, Holocaust med gammelt

Det er High Roller som slipper Tytans kommende skive, 26. mai er 'Justice Served' i handel. Nwobhm-bandet består av blant annet tidligere Angelwitch-bassist Kevin Riddles. Første slipp var den ultrafete klassiske 'Blind Men And Fools', nå foreligger det altså snart nytt materiale fra gjengen, en relativt god mengde år etter :).


Holocaust slipper ikke nytt materiale, men er aktuelle med re-issue av sitt klassiske album The Nightcomers. Det er selskapet Metal Nation som melder inn denne, og release var i april, så det er fullt mulig å hanke inn denne. Bonusspor, 9 stykk, er det bandet slapp av 12-tommere.

"The Nightcomers album features the bands all original Scottish line-up and was the first release by Edinburgh based Phoenix Records , an independent Record shop turned record label to release this album and where vocalist Gary Lettice worked.

John Mortimer/Holocaust: "The emergence of Independent Labels was one of the most significant aspects of the NWOBHM. Prior to the grass roots movements of Punk and NWOBHM , freedom of musical expression were granted or denied by the major labels whose only concern was financial profit. In those pre-internet days of of the late 70's/early 80's the indie labels prevented youth musical culture from being reduced to a mere line item . The material on this album was considered to be ' not commercially viable' by the majors. No doubt they would have said the same about Metallica who quote Nightcomers as one of their influences. I'm Proud of this re-release not only because of what the music represents but also because of it's independent heritage."


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