Airbourne klar for ny landing

av yngve

Australierne kommer med nytt album i oktober. Og konsert i Oslo 10. oktober selvsagt, det må vi huske på nevne.


Bandets femte sive, Boneshaker, kommer i handel 25. oktober via Spinefarm Records. Om coveret sir gitarist Matthew at "...the whole sentiment we were after was about rock n’ roll for life. We wanted to create something tattoo worthy, and that the artwork was classic and stood the test of time."

"With the creation of Boneshaker, all-action Aussie rockers Airbourne decided to take the bolder path; to align with Nashville’s number one producer, Dave Cobb, whose credits include both Chris Stapleton and the Star Is Born soundtrack, as a way of staking out new turf away from comfort zones and safe havens…"

Sjefen sjøl, Joel, sier at dette er en " gig in the studio. This is always something we wanted to do – find a way to bring the soul and power of an Airbourne live show into an album. Cobb caught our lightning and put it in a bottle."

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