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Anchor, ny låt

av yngve

10687523 10152618515768822 9084477882107915413 OAnchor er ute med ny låt, tipset kommer fra bandets bassist, Fredrik.

Anchor, som noteres som norsk-svenske, har holdt det gående i 8 år, og da med en misjon: 

"We wanted to say something, hit the road, inspire and get inspired.
We wanted to do something meaningful and hopefully contribute to our community.
We'd like to think we've done all of that.

Still, it feels like we've only gotten started.
The energy and determination is the same and our minds are set.
We welcome another 8 years with open arms.

With that said we're very happy to share the first single off our new album Distance & Devotion with you all. This is Survive. Help us spread the word and hopefully see you all soon!"