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Anchor, ny singel

av yngve

Bandet er ute med ny singel fra det kommende albumet, som er i handel 6. april.

Her får du både videoen og låten:



Nyhet fra 12.02.15:

Det svenske hardcorebandet Anchor er ute med video.

Låten er Survive, og er hentet fra det kommende albumet Distance & Devotion, med slippdato 6. april.

"The album holds 11 tracks built out of frustration, personal struggle, firm convictions and deeply rooted ethics. The band have forged a hard and heavy rock album in Distance & Devotion. Adding more melodys and better arrangment to their already energy filled songs made the new album just as powerfull as the bands liveshows. Being one of Europe´s most outstanding tour machines, Anchor founded in 2007, have played over 450 shows on five continents and closing in to 40 countries."