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Anoxia, dansk metal (videopremiere)

av yngve

Danskene slipper singel og video i dag. Fernando og Mighty Music drypper premierer på oss i dag :).

Låten er en hyllest til Copenhell, Danmarks største metalfestival.

"A sort of unofficial tribute to the festival, the scene and the dedication of the metal crowd, written down and recorded still with the classic panicking feeling hitting you every year; is it already over – what now?"

Skiva er mastret av velkjente Jacob Hansen, og bærer det samme navnet som singelen, 'To The Lions'. 

"The musical direction on To The Lions is old school heavy metal – melodic, yet hardhitting and thrashy at times. At times even a modern twist sneaks in. The songs are carved around strong riffing a wide array of vocal variation, supporting the musical landscapes."


Anoxia 19