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Armored Saint, liveklipp (video)

av yngve

Nytt videoklipp fra bandet: 


Nyhet fra 03.02.17:

Her er et videoklipp fra amerikanerne:


Nyhet fra 05.12.16:

Jeg har meldt inn denne pledge-kampanjen før, når foreligger det en smakebit fra utgivelsen. 

Carpe Noctum kommer digitalt 16. desember, fysisk 24. februar neste år.

Carpe Noctum-tracklist:

  1. Win Hands Down
  2. March of the Saint 
  3. Stricken by Fate 
  4. Last Train Home
  5. Mess
  6. Aftermath
  7. Left Hook from Right Field 
  8. Reign of Fire 


Nyhet fra 21.09.16:

Amerikanerne stiller med fanfinansiering på sitt kommende livealbum.

Som begynner å bli relativt vanlig nå for tiden. Det er ikke, slik jeg ser det, satt en sluttdato, men kampanjen er ihvertfall aktiv. Og utvalget av hva du kan kjøpe er relativt stort gitt.

Kampanjen finner du HER .

Bandfotograf: Stephanie Cabral


"Having toured with Metallica, Whitesnake, Alice Cooper, The Scorpions, and many other artists since their inception in the early 80s, Armored Saint has always been a highly regarded live act - not only in their hometown of Los Angeles, but also around the world. The only official release to capture this, however, is 1989's live album, Saints Will Conquer - until now.

After reforming with their original line-up in 1999 (John Bush - vocals, Joey Vera - bass, Phil Sandoval - guitar, Jeff Duncan - guitar, Gonzo Sandoval - drums), and releasing subsequent albums, La Raza (2010) and Win Hands Down (2015), to critical acclaim, Armored Saint has been delivering their heavy metal mastery around the globe, joining the likes of Saxon, Metal Church - and Queensryche in November/December 2016 - on the road. Of all of these performances, the band recorded their 2015 Wacken festival set as well as their headlining show in Aschaffenburg, Germany, with the intention of giving fans another live release that holds up to Saints Will Conquer.

Bandet: "Why PledgeMusic? Our fans have been extremely supportive over the years. We want to share the process of realizing this project with you by giving you the chance to be a part of it, from start to finish. How does it work? You place your orders here and when the album is released, you will get your items in the mail. But throughout the process, you will have access to the regular updates that we will post on this page."