Berit, norsk hulder

av yngve

Berit Helberg 22

Berit Helberg slipper albumet Huldra førstkommende torsdag.

Vi leser at det ikke er lett å dytte dette i en kategori, at det er elementer fra både operametal, powermetal, hardrock, popmetal, ballader, du får uansett en liten anelse om hvor vi er på vei vil jeg tro. 

"A hulder is a supernatural creature from old Norwegian folklore tales. She is always beautiful, with long hair and she also has the tail of a cow under her thin skirt… It’s been said that if a young man sees her in the forest, he will be seduced by Huldra and no one will never find him again. She is also a protector of the wildlife and nature in Norwegian forests."


  1. Huldra’s Intro
  2. Sunrise
  3. A Heart That Is Filled With Passion
  4. Huldra
  5. Nothing But Memories
  6. Bring Him Back
  7. What Are You Afraid Of
  8. I Would
  9. Assholes And Idiots
  10. Sorry
  11. Berørte Himmelen
  12. Make My Day
  13. I Wonder Where She Is
  14. Sunset
  15. Vi Gir Ikke Opp

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All songs written, composed, arranged, and performed by Berit Helberg . All vocals are recorded at Kallestugu Studio (my house in the middle of the forest).  All songs except Huldra’s intro :

  • Andreas Nergård (Nergard, Melody Market): Drums, bass, orchestrations
  • Ingebrigt Fjelle (Top Fuel): Guitar
  • Berit Helberg Vocals, piano
  • Ruben Krogstad (Strandhugg, Asmodean) Production and mixmaster of everything