Blues Pills, dvd (smakebit) og Norgesaktuelle

av yngve

Da var andre smakebit på plass.


Nyhet fra 18.09.17:

Da var første smakebit på plass.


Nyhet fra 12.09.17:

Bandet kommer med dvd.

Men først og viktigst nå, konsertene, som er sammen med The Devil And The Almighty Blues .

  • 04.10. Trondheim - Byscenen
  • 05.10. Oslo - Rockefeller
  • 07.10. Konsberg - Energimølla
  • 12.10.Bergen - Hulen
  • 13.10.Haugesund - Flytten
  • 14.10. Stavanger - Folken
  • 09.12. Porsgrunn - Rip/Sort & Blå Scene

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Blues Pills 2017

3. november kommer 'Lady In Gold Live In Paris'.

Bandet: "We are stoked to share with you that we will release a live record/DVD which was recorded and filmed during our show in Paris at le Trianon last October on the Lady in Gold Tour. We decided to do this because we want to share our live experience with all our fans and also those fans who might have never had the chance to see us live. The live interpretation of our songs differs a lot from the studio record versions. We would call it a bit more rock’n roll, more heavy, more jam parts, more psychedelic parts – simply another expierence. Playing live is what we've always enjoyed most. In no other situation can you connect as deep with your fans. We tried to catch the magical moments and emotions of the live atmosphere on DVD/ record for your living rooms, cars and wherever you will rock out to it. Paris was chosen because it means a lot to us to play in this beautiful city and also le Trianon is one of the most beautiful venues in Europe – this needed to get shared with you!"


1. Lady In Gold
2. Little Boy Preacher
3. Bad Talkers
4. Won't Go Back
5. Black Smoke
6. Bliss
7. Little Sun
8. Elements And Things
9. You Gotta Try
10. High Class Woman
11. Ain't No Change
12. Devil Man
13. I Felt a Change
14. Rejection
15. Gone So Long