Brotthogg med ny skive

av yngve

Brotthogg kom med skive nylig.

1. august slapp bandet albumet 'The Die Is Cast', tipset kom fra promotionbyrået Black-Roos Entertainment.

"With this second full-length album following their critically acclaimed debut Echoes of the Past (2019), Brotthogg presents a new hyper charged melodic blackened thrashing beast. The album is filled with high-speed staccato riffing, massive and intense harmonies, as well as slower parts with a gloomy, heavy atmosphere. The band has now released the first track of the new album, Nokturne, to give you an taste of what to come."

Bandet tilbyr extremmetal, melodisk svart-/dødsmetal, referanser nevnes i form av Emperor, Old Man's Child, Symphony X og Dissection. Medlemmene har fartstid i band som Chton og Subliritum.

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