Cavalera Conspiracy, skive ute (video)

av yngve

Da er skiva ute, for en tid tilbake, video ser du her.

"Bow your heads down to the Cavalera brothers, and a heavy release day to the thrash metal legends!"

Max Cavalera: "Our new video Spectral War was directed by the great tattoo artist, Paul Booth. It focuses on the idea of manipulating war through the ages! I’m very excited for the release of Psychosis! Death/Thrash Metal is back to set the world on fire!!!"


  1. Insane
  2. Terror Tactics
  3. Impalement Execution
  4. Spectral War
  5. Crom
  6. Hellfire
  7. Judas Pariah
  8. Psychosis
  9. Excruciating
K800 728 Cavalera Conspiracy Rgb


Nyhet fra 27.07.17:

Oppdatering på kommende skive.

'Psychosis' er tittelen, på albumet, november er altså slippmåneden.

"...CC, led by brothers and founding Sepultura members Max and Iggor Cavalera, have unveiled first details about the release of their fourth studio album titled Psychosis. The upcoming record is set for release on November 17th 2017 on Napalm Records and is produced by longtime friend Arthur Rizk in Phoenix, Arizona."


Nyhet fra 08.06.17:

Gøtta er i studio. skive forventes til høsten.

Det er Napalm Records som melder dette.

Bilde, fotograf: Ukjent

"The Cavalera brothers are back! Max and Iggor Cavalera, who created some of the most influential metal records in music history with Sepultura and inspiring the heavy and extreme music scene over decades, are currently hard at work in the studio in Phoenix, Arizona, to record the fourth album."

Max Cavalera vokal/gitar
Iggor Cavalera trommer/perk
Marc Rizzo leadgitar
Johny Chow bass

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