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Clutch, ny video

av yngve

Ny video fra bandets kommende skive.

Singelen og videoen er How To Shake Hands, og det er noen dager siden den kom online, men si det til mailboksen min :(.



Nyhet fra 31.05.18:

7. september kommer bandets tolvte studioalbum.

'Book of Bad Decisions' kommer på bandets eget label, Weathermaker Music og distribueres av Border her hjemme.


"With Vance Powell as producer we were able to make a very different kind of an album. The songs feel as if they could jump out of the speakers!" forteller trommeslager Jean-Paul Gaster. 

Bassist Dan Maines er enig og leger til: "Recording in Nashville with Vance Powell gave us a new and fresh approach towards making an album that truly captures the live energy of Clutch in a way I don’t think we’ve done before."

Gitarist Tim Sult: "Laying down guitar tracks with Vance was fun and inspiring. Going through and trying out his and his engineer, Mike Fahey’s collection of vintage amps was one of my favorite recording studio experiences. I think the outro solo of Emily Dickinson turned out particularly great."


  1. Gimme the Keys
  2. Spirit of ’76
  3. Book of Bad Decisions
  4. How to Shake Hands 
  5. In Walks Barbarella
  6. Vision Quest
  7. Weird Times
  8. Emily Dickinson
  9. Sonic Counselor 
  10. A Good Fire
  11. Ghoul Wrangler 
  12. HB Is in Control 
  13. Hot Bottom Feeder 
  14. Paper & Strife
  15. Lorelei


  • Neil Fallon vokal/gitar
  • Tim Sult gitar
  • Dan Maines bass
  • Jean-Paul Gaster trommer/perk
Clutch 18