Coroner, relansering av klassiske album

av yngve

UnnamedDe sveitsiske thraserne er ute med re-utgaver.

Det er Century Media som melder dette, og som står bak slippene. HER kan du kjøpe fysiske kopier, cd og lp. Det har ikke vært lett å finne de originale utgavene på lp, om det er det som har pirret, men nå er det altså mulighet for dere som ikke er så opptatt av førstetrykk, kompletister og andre, til å sikre seg disse.


"Playful, yet full of raw power; delicate and brutal at the same time; driving rhythms coupled with dizzying guitar solos…Coroner is all this and more. Is it Thrash Metal? Is it Speed Metal? Is it Technical Death Metal? This Swiss band cannot be pigeonholed. It is unique…even after 30 years on the go.

The early 1980s was a tumultuous time in Zurich. This usually oh-so-quiet city on the River Limmat was seething with unrest. It was a time of protest marches and riots. Young people were fighting for the freedom and space to express themselves. The atmosphere was highly charged. It was against this backdrop that Coroner emerged from the small Zurich metal scene determined to conquer the world. They were hungry for new, fresh, original music, and decided to make it themselves. Back then, the Coroner line-up was Tommy Vetterli aka Tommy T. Baron (guitar), Marky Edelmann aka Marquis Marky (drums), and Ron Broder aka Ron Royce (bass). The vocals on the band's first demo tapeDeath Cult were provided by Tom G. Warrior of Celtic Frost before Ron became the band's vocalist."

The albums Coroner made with Noise Records proved that it was so much more than a run-of-the-mill Thrash Metal band: R.I.P. (1987) was unpolished High-Speed Metal, Punishment for Decadence (1988) was musically complex, No More Color (1989) and Mental Vortex (1991) demonstrated the band's technical maturity. Coroner also proved their mettle on stage with tours of Europe and the USA."