Crocell, dansk svartmetal (video)

av yngve

'Tyrant of Iron' er låten bandet har valgt å feste på film. Og som avholdsmann var et tøft å se på videoen, det innrømmer jeg :).


"The video was shot during Crocell's spring tour with the fellow Danish metallers Impalers, and it combines three of the most essential Crocell elements: raw death metal, live concerts, and schnapps!

Tyrant of Iron is the opening track from Crocell's fourth album, Prophet's Breath, which is Crocell's most brutal, most blackened and most intense album to date, according to the band. It is also the first Crocell album to feature guest vocals, namely by S from Horned Almighty who participates on the track Contagious Purity."

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