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Crom, videopremiere

av yngve

Crom Higher Ground Single

Premiere på ny video fra bandets kommende skive.

'The Era Of Darkness' kommer på selskapet From The Vaults 13. januar, cd, lp (svart, 300 ex.). Takk til Fernando@Mighty Music for tips.

"Crom's new album was not written and recorded for this market. Mastermind Walter Crom Grosse has played that game (and won in, for that matter) with Dark Fortress (he served there as bassist and guitarist between 1997 and 2001), but he retreated to his Bathory-inspired musical influences and stood his ground with his project Crom, which slowly turned into a three-man army. The Era Of Darkness is the new battlefield of the trio and, once again, it breathes and lives heavy metal in its most epic forms.

From big chorus to gigantic, fist-pumping solos and breathtaking guitar leads, the new Crom album is a collection of varied but cohesive heavy/power metal anthems that will get your blood pumping once again for true metal, if you listen to it properly - paying attention to the lyrics, active listening and giving it enough spins, instead of just turning to the next release stream after a few minutes."


Nyhet fra 28.10.22:

Crom Singel 22

Det tyske episke metalbandet lufter ny singel.


Albumet kommer tidlig neste år, under her smaker du på tittellåten. Takk til Fernando@Mighty Music for tips.

"The Era Of Darkness is packed with epic action: big choruses, aggressive vocals, majestic guitar solo and battle-cry melodies that will urge you into the battlefield for heavy metal, the old-school way."