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Cryptopsy, skive ute (smakebiter)

av yngve

Skive er ute, sjekk detaljer og smakebiter her.

Her er en trommegjennomgang av låten jeg meldte inn tidligere, Sire Of Sin:

Og en for dere gitarister/bassister:


Nyhet fra 19.09.18:

Med lang fartstid er Cryptopsy fortsatt på topp i hardhauseri.

"Canadian extreme metal legends Cryptopsy are something of an enigma. Having gotten their start way back in '92, only a few short years after the birth of death metal, the band, nearly thirty years later, continue to out-brutalize bands half their age. That is some serious intestinal fortitude."


Bandet: "We knew that the video had to be as chaotic as the song. To accomplish this we strived to remove all full band performance shots and replace them with extreme close-ups on individual members. In order to match the frantic pace of the music we challenged Chris Kells (director/editor/producer) to make a myriad of seamless edits between multiple angled and minimally lit shots. We must say that we are blown away with what he accomplished."

The Book Of Suffering - Tome II kommer i handel 26. oktober, og det kan se ut som om de slipper dette albumet selv. En god grunn til å støtte opp. Forhåndsbestill på Bandcamp .


  1. The Wretched Living
  2. Sire Of Sin
  3. Fear His Displeasure
  4. The Laws Of The Flesh

Bandbilde, fotograf: Eric Sanchez

Cryptopsy 18 Eric Sanchez