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Cult Of Luna, ep i februar (smakebit)

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Cult Of Luna 21

Svenskene kommer med ep tidlig neste år. 5. februar er releasedato, selskapet bak er Red Creek.

"The Raging River is a seamless continuation of the writing process and the creative mindset that has guided Cult of Luna for the last couple of years."

Bandet: "The Raging River feels more like a bridge. A midpoint that needs to be crossed so we can finish what we started with 2019's A Dawn to Fear.It's been an interesting, as well as an introspective, way of working, having our instinct leading the way and then having to figure out where it takes us. But not only has it been a linear journey; some aspects of it are also clearly circular. For example, we have been a fan of Mark Lanegan for many years. So in 2005, when we wrote the song And With Her Came the Birds, we had his voice in mind, and the working title was The Lanegan Song. But we were not many years over 20, and our lack of self-confidence prevented us from even daring to ask. It took fifteen years for us to get the guts to ask him. Hearing his voice on Inside Of A Dream is nothing more than feeling that we're inside of a dream."

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Side A:

  1. Three Bridges
  2. What I leave Behind 
  3. Inside of A Dream (m/ Mark Lanegan)

Side B:

  1. I Remember 
  2. Wave After Wave