Temp Daniel Engen 19

Dan Swanös enhjørning

av yngve

Unicorn 18En samling med låter av Unicorn er på vei.

Dere som er fans av Dans progressive utgivelser vet hva dette dreier seg om. Nå har Alone Records tatt på seg å slippe en samling, releasedato er 16. november (cd/lp).

Dan Swanö: "In 1988 I was 15 years old and my previous bands Ghost and Icarus had all of a sudden morphed into Unicorn. The happy accident that was the track Times of Change appeared in our world in the Autumn of '88 and we decided to dive deeper into the more progressive direction that we had taken at the end of Icarus. Before we knew it, there were plenty of new songs in this style and the material was slowly evolving into something quite unique and after the recording two demos in the first half of 1989 we felt that it would be a good idea to re-record the best tracks from those demos along with the new tracks we had written, and that is how A Collection of Worlds II came about.


"A Collection Of Worlds - Resurrection will be issued on six panels CD digisleeve, black vinyl (200 copies) and orange vinyl (100 pressings) and can be preordered at Alone Records webshop for November 16th release."