Karmøygeddon 23 B

Dark Tranquility, video

av yngve

Tittelkuttet er online i videoformat, skiva kommer snart. Husk at de spiller på neste års Karmøygeddonfestival.

4. november er bandet klare med sitt nye album, her smaker du på tittelkuttet:



Nyhet fra 03.10.16:

Century Media tipset om formater på bandets kommende skive.

"The gatefold vinyl LP will contain the 12 track CD and is available in different vinyl colors:

  • Black vinyl: worldwide
  • Blue vinyl: limited to 400 copies exclusive through Bengans in Sweden
  • Dark Green: limited to 200 copies exclusive through CDon in Scandinavia
  • Clear vinyl: limited to 400 copies in North America
  • Transparent Blue vinyl: limited to 300 copies exclusive through cmdistro.com in North America
  • Transparent Red vinyl: limited to 200 copies exclusive available through cmdistro.com in Europe

Special pre-order bundles will be announced soon!"

I tillegg vanker det følgende for samlere: "A limited edition double CD will be available as a digipak in North America and as a Mediabook in Europe. The bonus disc features the songs The Absolute and Time Out of Place that showcase a very different side of the band."

Det er bare å begynne å spare.


Nyhet fra 27.09.16:

Første video er klar fra bandets kommende skive. Les mer i eldre nyhet under.

"Selecting the first single from an album as diverse as Atoma is always a hard task, but we felt that The Pitiless gives a good representation of the general vibe of the material. It's fast, melodic and with a sense of urgency that permeates the whole album. Enjoy!"


Nyhet fra 25.07.16:

Svenskene er skiveaktuelle i november. Det betyr at du kan pugge tekster og kjenne låter før de skal opptre på neste års Karmøygeddon ;).

'Atoma' kommer via Century Media 4. november.

Bandet: "That's right! We're more than halfway done with the recording of the upcoming album, and it's shaping up to be a diverse and challenging affair that will feature a lot of different aspects of the D.T. sound. It's hard to be more specific while still immersed in the creative process, but we're incredibly excited about the material and can't wait to share the results with all of you soon."

Dark Tranquility@Facebook

"Atoma is being recorded at Rogue Music in Gothenburg, the studio owned by D.T. keyboardist Martin Brändström.

Mixing duties will be handled by David Castillo, known for his work with bands such as Katatonia, Opeth and Candlemass.

The cover artwork was once again created by the band's guitarist Niklas Sundin."

Sjekk Facebook-linken over for klipp fra studio.

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