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David Reece, nytt album

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David Reece 21

Tung hardrock fra David Reece.

"David Reece is a big name in heavy metal. So he already pressed bands like Accept, Bangalore Choir, Bonfire and most recently the
Sainted Sinners put his stamp on and refined the albums with his charisma and his unique voice."

29. oktober slipper El Puerto Records albumet 'Blacklist Utopia', fra den hører du låten 'I Can't Breathe' under her.


  1. Utopia
  2. Red blooded hell raiser
  3. Down to the core
  4. Civil War
  5. I can’t breathe
  6. Most of the time
  7. American dream
  8. Before we fade away
  9. Hindsight is 2020
  10. Devil at my doorstep
  11. Save me
  12. Highway child
  13. Book of lies