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Death Tribe, libanesisk metal (video)

av yngve

Metal fra Beirut, med en tøff bakgrunn som bakteppe. Det er promotør Tom Brumpton som tipser.

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'Beyond Pain And Pleasure' er hentet fra bandets nye album 'Beyond Pain and Pleasure: A Desert Experiment', som er ute nå.

Anthony (Founder/Producer, All Music, Lyrics and Concept) sier dette: "Beyond Pain and Pleasure is truly a title that explains life at its best. Composed during  periods of conflict in Lebanon and assembled in Dubai with many musicians that left their  own countries for a better future – that is why the title continues to be Beyond Pain and  Pleasure: A Desert Experiment.

This is not an album - this is a metal souvenir of all those who died - those who fought for their right - those who did not accept to fall on their knees and kept their head held high. I dedicate this album to those who keep chasing their dreams, to every person that was born with a tag on his forehead and defied the world to make his own statement heard. I will die soon but the music stays to remind those who listen of a man who didn't obey."

Info: "Born in war torn Beirut, scarred by death, corruption and a multitude of atrocities supported by radical ideologies. Anthony Kaoteon has always been driven by challenges to hustle out of a cursed life and establish himself without prejudice or belonging. He decided not to accept the status quo and shaped his own fate single-handedly. 

I am grateful for what life offered me so far and I treat my time with respect as I know how limited my time is. I know that I am of no importance and everything is insignificant, and that gives me the greatest relief. Allowing me to celebrate life with all its offerings until the day I am put down by a bullet or disease.

Death Tribe’s debut album was composed over many years and covers multiple metal sub-genres from black metal to heavy metal and everything in between."

Death Tribe Artwork