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Nyhet fra 28.07.22:

Bloodbath 22 Foto  Ester Segarra

Bilde, fotograf: Ester Segarra

Svenske dødsmetallere med nytt album.

Bloodbath melder inn nytt album, 9. september via Napalm Records.


'Survival Of The Sickest' er bandet sjette fullengder, og beskrives slik: " This is death metal at its ugly best: vicious, unrelenting and irrevocably sworn to the black."

Om videoen under: "Zombie Inferno, a thrashing death metal assault set to draw the listener into a lunatic outburst of ferocity. The song breaks in with anxiety-inducing riffs and the insanely killer vocals of Nick Holmes, and is visually highlighted via a fast-paced, gory music video, acting as a tribute to the glory days of 80s splatter flicks." Bandet legger til: " One man's struggle to rid the World of Zombie Infestation that seems to have inconveniently taken over the planet. Particularly, as he's just refueled his 1969 Dodge Super Bee 440."


  1. Zombie Inferno
  2. Putrefying Corpse
  3. Dead Parade
  4. Malignant Maggot Therapy
  5. Carved
  6. Born Infernal
  7. To Die
  8. Affliction of Extinction
  9. Tales of Melting Flesh
  10. Environcide
  11. No God Before Me


  • Digisleeve CD Edition
  • Digital Full Length Album
  • 1 Tape Edition - Brown Transparent with blue print – limited to 200, Napalm Records Shop exclusive
  • Wooden Box Edition (incl. Digisleeve, Mouse Trap, Album Cover Flag, Cover Patch) – limited to 500, Napalm Records Shop exclusive
  • 1LP SKY BLUE – limited to 300, Napalm Records Shop exclusive
  • 1LP DARK GREEN – limited to 500, Napalm Records Shop exclusive
  • 1LP PICTURE VINYL – limited to 500, Napalm Records Shop exclusive

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