Karmøygeddon 23 B

Dokumentar om extremmetalscenen i Nederland

av yngve

Teaser er på plass, sjekk her.

Filmskaperne, Mike Redman og Jason Köhnen, har opprettet en crowdfunding på dette, sjekk HER .

"Titled Metaal, a literal translation of metal in Dutch, this documentary gives a retrospective look into the glory days of extreme metal in The Netherlands between 1985 and 1995. Redman, an award winning documentary filmmaker and renowned music producer along with Köhnen who is also a founding member of re-activated doom-metal group Celestial Season are set to produce an educational and entertaining memoir of a period in time where Dutch metal saw rise to a legion of influential bands that formed an explosive scene.

Documenting interviews with original members of Thanatos, Asphyx, Pestilence, Celestial Season, Gorefest, Sinister, Acrostichon, The Gathering, etc… Metaal will also feature testimonies from a great number of fans of the scene including Testament’s Eric Peterson, Atheist’s Kelly Shaefer and Soulfly’s Max Cavalera."

Metaal Film 20