Doro, album til høsten

av yngve

Doro 18 Frank Dursthoff  SugapixVel, om du gleder deg håper jeg at tiden går fort til august :).

3. august er releasedato for madammens kommende skive, Nuclear Blast er selskapet som slipper utgivelsen, som ikke har fått tittel ennå (så langt jeg vet).


Doro: "The writing proccess of the album is done and we're currently finalising the mixing. This new record is going to be a diverse album with many fast songs and countless metal anthems. To be honest, one of these songs could become the next All We Are!  And t he first song that I've written for the new album is a song dedicated to Lemmy . It's called Living Life To The Fullest !

"Following the Doro tradition, there will be of course also another German song on the album. A midtempo track, dealing with a deep friendship, just as in Für Immer!"

Bilde, fotograf: Frank Dursthoff Sugapix