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Egonaut, svensk doomhardrock

av yngve

Tunge og melodiøse, Egonaut er inne på noe.

Danske Mighty Music stiller som plateselskap når albumet 'The Omega' dukker opp i november i år. Litt ventetid, men kos deg med låten under her i mellomtiden.


Gitarist Freridk om låten du hører under her:

"I wanted to make a simple, straight to the point rock song for this album and this is what came out of it; a straight forward, catchy tune with a good chorus and a great guitar solo. The song also showcases the somewhat wider possibilities given by not having to combine guitarplaying and singing simultaneously.

Lyrically it depicts turning yourself over to a greater power, unknowing of its motives and what it might cost you. As with most of the songs I wrote the majority of the riffs and then we put it together down in our studio."

Bandbilde, fotograf: Ukjent