Eluveitie, ny sang

av yngve

Albumet 'Origins' kommer om få dager. 1. august, her er en smakebit.

The Call Of Mountains er tilgjengelig digitalt fra idag.

Bandet forteller: "This one’s long overdue. Another Origins song you say? Well, yes indeed. Finally, a song about our beautiful mountains? That, too. But also an idea we’ve considered for a number of years now: a song released not just in English and/or Gaulish, but in all four of Switzerland’s beautiful national languages! So we present to you: The Call Of The Mountains!"


"A song about the long searched for destination at the end of the epic journey of the Celts, who were to become the Helvetians - a song about our mystical and unparalleled alps. Besides the English album version, you will find the full song in Swiss German, French, Italian and of course Romansh both on Nuclear Blast’s mailorder edition and on iTunes, where you will of course be able to get them separately, too. We can’t wait to hear how you like it!"