Eluveitie, ny video

av yngve

De sveitsiske folkemetallerne i Eluveitie kommer med nytt album 1. august, her er bandets nye video.

For noen dager siden presenterte jeg lyricvideon til låten også, jeg lar den like godt ligge under her.

'King' er tittelen på sangen, Origin' er tittelen på den kommende skiva. Nuclear Blast tipser.

Bandet forklarer litt rundt låten: "Here's the first song off our new album for you to listen to! King tells the story of an impressive and legendary (character of the Gallic history: The high king Ambicatus.And the song presents itself just as mighty as the illustrious leader: King is a midtempo song and just grooves. Intensely! We tried to capture the vehemence, the power and the majestic grandeur of the historical figure Ambicatus with our music but the mythologically strong character of Ambicatus' story also comes into effect. - King is a very folky track and especially the instrumental part of the song goes all out. Pure fucking folk metal! I hope you like King just as much as we do!"


  1. Origins
  2. The Nameless
  3. From Darkness
  4. Celtos
  5. Virunus
  6. Nothing
  7. The Call Of The Mountains
  8. Sucellos
  9. Inception
  10. Vianna
  11. The Silver Sister
  12. King
  13. The Day Of Strife
  14. Ogmios
  15. Carry The Torch
  16. Eternity