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Enforcer, skive i april

av yngve

Enforcer stiller med fersk skive på Karmøygeddonfestivalen.

'Zenith' er tittelen på bandets femte skive, det er Nuclear Blast som tipser og slipper albumet. Releasdato er 26. april.

"10 brand new anthems, bringing not only classic tunes, but also fresh blood to the band's unique sound. In addition, guitarist Jonathan Nordwall debuts as new permament member of the group on the forthcoming offering."

Bandet: " Zenith is definitely the most ambitious project we ever engaged ourselves in. I think all together we spent over two and a half years to write, produce and record it all. We are super excited to finally get this one out to you all."


Og de er altså aktuelle til årets Karmøygeddonfestival.

Enforcer 19