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Enrapture, progressiv extremmetal

av yngve

Skiva kommer neste år, her kan du smake på første singel.

Det er Fredrik, gitarist og vokalist, som tipser "Vårt debutalbum, Another Green Drought, kommer ut tidlig neste år" forteller han, og deler samtidig første smakebit i form av 'Groundwells'. 


Om skiva: " Another Green Drought is the album debut by Norwegian metal band Enrapture, comprising a wide array of metal influences into a tenacious musical act. Firmly rooted in the realms of 21st century progressive extreme metal, Enrapture delves into the intricacies of death metal and big sounds of post-black metal while also showcasing a light and almost colorful edge to their music. On Another Green Drought, the band's playing incorporates fast, progressive and technically demanding sequences, heavy riffing, bright, clean-sung choruses and dark, atmospheric instrumental passages, linking well-established musical territories with a signature edge."

Om singelen: "Groundswells is the second and last single from progressive extreme metal band Enrapture’s debut album Another Green Drought. Acting as a crescendo to the fiery eruption of the album finale, Another Green Drought's penultimate track is an encapsulation of the entire breadth of Enrapture’s sound. After the spacious and atmospheric intro, driving, swaggering riffs push the momentum onward until the doom/death bridge crashes down with momentous weight. An outburst of unrestrained technical bedlam follows, before a long, hypnotic build-up coalesces into the album’s musical and conceptual peak. The lyrics share the journey of the music, evolving from a single, hopeful idea in an otherwise despondent existence to the sudden realization that what has been cannot be any longer. Stagnation has to give way to roaring motion."

Enrapture 20