Enslaved dveler i skogen

av yngve

Enslaved 23

Bandet slipper ny skive i begynnelsen av mars. 


Ny singel, 'Forest Dweller' (fet låt!), ser du videoen til her. Skiva, 'Heimdal', kommer 3. mars. 

Grutle Kjellson: " To me Forest Dweller was the most immediate song on the album, at least in its earliest form as an instrumental demo. I spent quite some time to get into some of the other songs of the album, but this one seemed somehow logical, well logical by Enslaved standards that is. I had an idea for a lyric, and Ivar’s amazing and diverse riffs on this one made it easy to pan out the scripture. I made a rough plan on what to sing over it, and we actually ended up using some parts of those recordings on the album!

The song sort of showcases our representative samples of inspiration: Led Zep, Genesis, Destruction, Iron Maiden and David Bowie, to mention a schizophrenic tapestry of influences. It mirrors in the lyrics as well, which deals about both darkness and light in connection to the nature of Heimdal."