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Entropic Awakening, progressivt, svart og hardt

av yngve

Entropic 21 (1)

Debutskive kommer, stilen er progressiv black/death, og dette er et soloprosjekt.

Delirium forteller til Heavymetal.no at skiva kommer 29. oktober, tittelen er 'Epilogue'.

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"Taking inspiration from a plethora of different genres, Entropic Awakening seeks to introduce a new and fresh sound to the scene.

The debut album Epilogue is a journey to forgotten realms, a retelling of ancient incidents through the eyes of unlucky witnesses. It has philosophical undertones while maintaining a strong sense of fictional storytelling.

The album was written and produced by Delirium, and narrated by Likelse."


  1. Covenant of the Condemned 
  2. Myruzo, Expunger of Pride 
  3. Baleful Alteration 
  4. To Walk Amongst Vermin 
  5. From Whence Nightmares Emerge 
  6. Ashes of Tribulation 
  7. Shattering the Sphere of Accordance