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Epica, nytt album, Oslokonsert

av yngve

Bandet stikker innom Oslo til våren.

Sakset: "Dutch symphonic metal band Epica have announced their return to Russia and the Nordic countries early next year in support of their upcoming album The Holographic Principle. It will mark the band's first ever club show in Denmark and the band's first performance in Norway in 7 years!"

Gitarist Mark er entusiastisk: "We hope to welcome all of our Scandinavian and Russian fans to the upcoming Nordic And Russian Principle Tour! It's good to be back! Let's heat up the cold February nights with you guys and the band being on fire!"

Support er islendingene i Skálmöld. 

Dato for konserten er som overskriften forteller, 4. mars 2017, @Vulkan Arena.


Nyhet fra 10.09.16:

Skive kommer 30. september, ny smakebit er her.


Nyhet fra 13.08.16:

Bandet, som slipper skive neste måned, er ute med singel.

The Holographic Principle er mulig å forhåndsbestille nå, smak først på Universal Death Squad:

Unnamed (2)

Gitarist Mark: "The first song we unleash upon you is Universal Death Squad. This track is representative for The Holographic Principle, as it's a heavy and melodic album. The lyrics are dealing about advanced robotic legions with a self-determination to kill. We have chosen for a different kind of lyric-video concept in which Epica plays the track in a rehearsal room. The song is very much fun to play and I expect this one will do very well on stage. Hope you'll enjoy it as much as we did creating it!"

Release er 30. september, formatene er:

  • CD
  • 2-CD-DIGI (incl. 5-track acoustic bonus CD)
  • 2-LP (different colours)
  • EARBOOK (48p, incl. acoustic & instrumental bonus CDs)
  • BOX (incl. Earbook, 2LP PIC, poster flag, holographic projector, Nuclear Blast mailorder only!)


Nyhet fra 03.08.16:

Et par trailere har ankommet nettet.


Nyhet fra 22.06.16:

Nederlenderne i Epica har skive klar i september.

The Holographic Principle kommer 30.09.16 via Nuclear Blast, coveret ser du under her. 

Bandet forteller: "Our highly anticipated seventh studio album is a fact. The Holographic Principle feels to us like a true treasure, created by us all with blood, sweat and tears of joy. In the past year we have worked very hard to write and record this special album. We are all very eager to share it with you! Join us on our new musical journey."


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Fotograf bandbilde: Amy Harris

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