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Et tegn fra Lamb Of God

av yngve

Lamb Of God 22

Skive er ventet i oktober, les litt mer her.

7. oktober kommer albumet 'Omens' via Epic Records, tipset kom fra Nuclear Blast.

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" Densely muscular, soaked in unnerving spite, with a pessimistic eye toward inner struggles and global affairs alike, Omens is a furious entry in the Lamb Of God catalog, perhaps their angriest album yet."

Vokalist Blythe: "The world is crazy and keeps changing. Omens is a reaction to the state of the world, It’s a very pissed-off record. It is extremely pissed-off."


  1. Nevermore
  2. Vanishing
  3. To The Grave
  4. Ditch
  5. Omens
  6. Gomorrah
  7. Ill Designs
  8. Grayscale
  9. Denial Mechanism
  10. September Song


  • Digitalt
  • Cd Jewelcase
  • LP (Black)
  • LP (White / Sky Blue Marbled)
  • LP (Blue / White / Black Marbled)
  • LP (Clear)
  • LP (Crystal Clear / Silver / Black Marbled)
  • LP (Glow In The Dark)
  • LP (Curacao / Black Marbled)
  • LP (Silver)