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Ewigkeit, kontrakt og skive

av yngve

UnnamedBandet, som består av In The Woods...-vokalist James, er aktuelt igjen. 

Foto: Anna Apostata

Det er en god tid siden vi hørte noe fra Ewigkeit, men nå er det altså bevegelse. Sist var det albumet Conspiritus fra 2005 vi ble kjent med, da var det Earache som pushet bandet. Nå er stafettpinnen overlatt til Svart Records.


"I have been working on a collection of songs which has a wide-ranging inspiration from the past 45-50 years of rock/metal, from The Doors, Hawkwind, and Sabbath, through the NWOBHM era and the extreme metal of the '90s, right up until today," forteller James. "It’s the most guitar-centered material I have ever recorded, and certainly owes a lot to my all-time favourite bands, from classic rock through to black metal."

James forteller om tekster og tematikk: "Lyrically, I have been greatly inspired recently by the literary works from the psychedelic underground – authors such as Terence McKenna, Robert Anton Wilson, and Dr Rick Stein. So, it’s basically a mish-mash of personal philosophy, scientific conjecture, stoned ramblings, and the schizophrenically esoteric, which, all in all, unintentionally, verges on the outrageously pretentious."

To release the as-yet-untitled album, Fogarty has decided to team up with much-respected left-field and experimental metal label Svart Records of Finland. "For Svart Records to work with me on the new Ewigkeit material is great," he beams. "This is a new beginning for Ewigkeit, and I am excited to be working on new material. They are the perfect label, owing to their embrace of the more experimental and psychedelic underground metal bands from over the last 10 years, and having a good understanding of music from the past, present, and future – that’s the new Ewigkeit material in a nutshell."

Skiva har ikke fått navn ennå, og er planlagt sluppet på vårparten neste år.