Exhorder er tilbake

av yngve

Bandet kommer med skive i løpet av året.


Vi snakker thrash-/groovemetal, et band som virkelig ikke fikk det de fortjente. Nå jobber de med skive, sitt første siden 1992.

"After 27 years of waiting, fans can rejoice as New Orleans' face-melting thrash legends Exhorder will be releasing their forever-awaited third studio album later this year. The band has officially wrapped recording of their first record since the long celebrated '92 classic The Law."

Gitarist Vinnie La Bella: "27 years? Man, that's a big number! A lot has transpired over the course of such an extended amount of time, and this record touches on it all. There is material on this record that is literally 27 years old along with material that was written just 6 months ago, and everything in between."

Bandbilde, fotograf: Dante Torrieri

Exhorder 19  Dante Torrieri