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Exlibris, polsk metal, ny låt

av yngve

Låten som er lagt på nett er 'Closer', hvor Evergreys Tom Englund er gjest.

Aftereal er bandets tredje album og er ute nå. Bak tipset står Metal Mind Production.

Piotr Sikora: "You could say that working on Aftereal was a constant test to us. We began by writing the music in record time and, once we did it, we kept checking what else we could accomplish. One of such tests was inviting well known artists from Polish and international music scene to perform on the album. Maybe it's not something you can hear from the very moment you play the album but Evergrey has been inspiring us, as musicians, ever since we founded Exlibris. We wrote a song which we thought Tom Englund's voice would fit perfectly, so he was the first person we thought we should invite... and he immediately accepted it! It's a wonderful feeling to hear your own song performed by a man that's been your musical hero for literally half of your life."