Falconer, nytt album

av yngve

Falconer 20

Svenskene slipper nytt album på fredag, smakebiter her.  'From A Dying Ember' er skiva, Metal Blade selskapet, og 26. juni releasedato.


  • Jewelcase-CD
  • Ltd. digipak CD (incl. 3 bonus tracks - EU exclusive)
  • 180g black vinyl (EU exclusive)
  •  turquoise green marbled vinyl (EU exclusive - limited to 200 copies)
  •  orange white marbled vinyl (EU exclusive - limited to 100 copies) 
  • light grey marbled vinyl (US exclusive - limited to 300 copies)

"Falconer was born out of the ashes of Mithotyn, who split-up in 1999. After disbanding, one of Mithotyn's founding members - Stefan Weinerhall (guitar) - had a demo for a solo project, which eventually led to the creation of the folk power metal group Falconer."

Er du fan av sekkepipe? Stefan foreteller: "Finally, we got the chance to incorporate some keyed fiddle and bagpipe into the music - something that has always been a wish from us, just to get that extra medieval and folky feel to it. In that time, we also wrote the most intense ballad ever, which turned out to be Rejoice The Adorned - only featuring piano, keys and strings."


  1. Kings and Queens
  2. Desert Dreams
  3. Redeem and Repent
  4. Bland Sump Och Dy
  5. Fool's Crusade
  6. Garnets and a Gilded Rose
  7. In Regal Attire
  8. Rejoice the Adorned
  9. Testify
  10. Thrust the Dagger Deep
  11. Rapture
  12. The Cauldron (Digipakbonus)
  13. Portals of Light (Acoustic Version - Digipakbonus)
  14. Long Gone By (Acoustic Version - Digipakbonus)