Fates Warning, liveskive

av yngve

Fates Warning 18Snart er amerikanerne ute med livedokument.

Dette har vært i komminga en tid, og nå er det snart klart for det doble livealbumet 'Live Over Europe'. Det er Inside Out Music som slipper utgivelsen, og datoen er satt til 29. juni 2018.

"Gathered during the group’s most recent European headlining run for Fates Warning's much acclaimed latest studio album Theories Of Flight in January 2018, Live Over Europe includes recordings from 8 different cities (Aschaffenburg/Germany, Belgrade/Serbia, Thessaloniki and Athens / Greece, Rome and Milan/Italy, Budapest/Hungary as well as Ljubljana/Slovenia) and a total of 23 songs in over 138 minutes of playing time, spanning 30 years of the group’s seminal career."

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Cd I:

  1. From the Rooftops
  2. Life in Still Water
  3. One
  4. Pale Fire
  5. Seven Stars
  6. SOS
  7. Pieces of Me
  8. Firefly
  9. The Light and Shade of Things
  10. Wish
  11. Another Perfect Day
  12. Silent Cries
  13. And Yet it Moves

Cd II:

  1. Still Remains
  2. Nothing Left to Say
  3. Acquiescence
  4. The Eleventh Hour
  5. Point of View
  6. Falling
  7. A Pleasant Shade of Gray, Pt. IX
  8. Through Different Eyes
  9. Monument
  10. Eye to Eye