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Forbidden, ny tid

av yngve

Forbidden 23

Thrasherne meldte nylig inn ny lineup.  Tipset om fra Michael Brandvold Marketing.


"Bay Area metal legends Forbidden recently announced their return and their first show at Belgium’s Alcatraz Metal Festival in August.

One of the first things they wanted to do with this new version of Forbidden was to tell their side of the respective stories. Explain how it came together from each individuals point of view.

Forbidden documented and compiled hours of interviews with each member of the band. It was real and unprompted. Straight from the heart. Something that gave each of them a better understanding of one another and how they perceive their vantage points.

The rebirth of Forbidden is organic and unforced. Nobody pressed to do it. They all have great respect for Russ, his amazing talent and the past catalogue.

These interviews served a greater purpose than standing together for a photoshoot before they all knew exactly how we felt going forward.

Norman came along at the right place and time. It was completely unexpected."