H Madd

Gomorra, skive (video)

av yngve

Thrasherne slipper skive i april, smak her.

Albumet, 'Divine Judgement', kommer 10. april, takk til All Noir Pr/Booking for tips. Bandet består av medlemmer fra Destruction, om det er noe som kan være av interesse.

"Divine Judgement is a furious and relentless beast to be unleashed April 10th on powerhouse label Noble Demon Records! Insanely fast and groovy riffs of pure perfection, dynamic and energetic, making the upcoming album an impressive balancing act of heavy-, power and thrash metal."



  1. Canaan
  2. Gomorra
  3. Flames Of Death
  4. Hope For The Righteous
  5. Out Of Control
  6. Brother We're Damned
  7. The City Must Fall
  8. Children Of The Land
  9. Cleansing Fire
  10. Angels Amongst Us
  11. Never Look Back

Gomorra 20