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Grave Digger re-innspiller gamle låter

av yngve

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Nytt album, eller, nytt album med gamle sanger er underveis. Flere band har valgt å spille inn gamle låter på nytt, nå har altså turen kommet til Grave Digger, bandet som er hatet og elsket blant metalpublikumet.

"After three decades of making heavy metal history, Grave Digger is still one of the very best German metal bands enjoying a leading role, when it comes to classic Heavy Metal! Today the band has unveiled heavy details of their upcoming album for their 35 years anniversary: Title, artwork, track list, release date!"

Grave Digger@Facebook

"Back to the 80s and back to their roots! That’s what the Exhumation - The Early Years is going to be with re-recordings of their absolute classics with a dynamic and powerful sound of 2015 – Set to be released worldwide on October, 23rd!"

Låtene som får en ny vri er:

  1. Headbanging Man
  2. Fire In Your Eyes
  3. Witch Hunter
  4. Shoot Her Down
  5. Stand Up And Rock
  6. Heavy Metal Breakdown
  7. Enola Gay - Drop The Bomb
  8. Get Away
  9. We Wanna Rock You
  10. Playing Fools
  11. Here I Stand
  12. Tyrant
  13. Paradise
  14. My Private Morning Hell (Bonus)
  15. Young And Dangerous (Bonus)