Grumpynators, videopremiere

av yngve

Grumpynators 20 Foto Julie Montauk

Bilde, fotograf: Julie Montauk

Rock'n roll med adrenalin og attitude.

Grumpynators blander, ifølge Fernando@Mighty Music, "...Social Distortion, Motörhead og Stray Cats, supercharged with adrenaline and testosterone."


"New single and official video from Denmark's No. 1 mix of metal, hard rock and motorbilly, Grumpynators. The dedicated fangroup of the band is the primary inspiration for this first single from their third album, Still Alive, which will be released in August 2020."

Trommeslager Per: "The song is about being a part of a community and to share a common passion about something. It is a dedication to the more than 50 fans that have made Grumpynators tattoos, to all the fans who passionately travel from country to country to see the concerts and party with each other and to all the fans that keeps bringing new people to the concerts. It is a hard hitting uptempo song and in the heavier end of the typical Grumpynators repertoire only to reflect the dense live energy from a Grumpynators show."